Disagreement In Korean Language

The language level symbol indicates a user`s knowledge of the languages they are interested in. Setting your language level helps other users give you answers that aren`t too complex or too easy. He has trouble understanding even short answers in this language. . 9) I just wanted to say it.저񬹄그말을 하걬고했어요. Jeodo geu mareul haryeogo haesseoyo. A great conversation phrase that can be used in general. Textbooks won`t teach you that. 6) Exactly.맞아요.Majayo.OK, it is a common Korean word in general. If you are a beginner, you should definitely keep this in mind! Use it exactly as you would in English. 3) Yes, you are right.네, 맞아요.

No, majayo. Here`s another variation. And keep Majayo in mind. Its meaning is rather casual. In fact, you can use it as “exactly” what you`ll see below. (Because you can express yourself in different ways!) 8) You have a period there.그 말ꀼ일리가있네요. Geu maldo illiga inneyo. Did you hear a point that surprised you? Only smart people can feel if they are wrong and admit it! This is the perfect Korean phrasing! Do you agree with this list? Do you want a lesson on DISAGREEING in Korean? Leave a comment! Another variant to use. Literally, it means, “I feel like this.” . .

. . . . . 10) I think so.그런 거 같񻒨요. Geureon geo gatayo. This is a weak way of saying that I agree with Korean. Or. If you don`t know or don`t care. I heard on a vaudeville show that they say “injong,” and the subtitle translated it as “okay.” It`s true? 11) I will not contradict you.저񵣰대하지򇫄 않񻒨요. Jeodo bandaehajineun anayo.

Very neutral for approval. Excellent to use if you do not totally disagree with a person, but want to bring them another point. . 2) That`s right.그건사실이야. Geugeon sasiriya. Another variation of the statement that I agree with Korean. 12) If you say that.정그렇다면알겠어񺑤. Jeong geureotamyeon algesseoyo. Another weakness of the agreement.

Be careful with this sentence, because it carries a feeling of “I don`t care about anything,” if you say it in Korean. •••You now know about fifteen ways to say that I agree with Korean. Why is it so important that you know the variations? They make you look smart. If you can express yourself in more than one way and express several nuances, you are much closer to commonality. That`s why! A great conversation phrase that can be used in general. Textbooks won`t teach you that. .

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