Treb Data License Agreement

4) The next step is to start a new agreement by clicking at the top of the page on the “Reboot” tab: Step 1: Go to to log in to your user ID, PIN and ID word. If you are a TRREB member and wish to complete the IDX/VOW online forms, please follow these instructions to conclude the three agreements listed below: once the DLA is filed, it will be sent to Schedulock for verification. After verification, you will receive an email from TRREB in which you will have to re-approve the agreement. Connect here on the TRREB DLA website. Select the “Stand Up” tab. Click on your name, scroll to the end of the page and select “Authorize” The agreement is now concluded and sent to TRREB for approval. Your offers and agents are automatically imported within 15 minutes of trREB authorization. Once you`re logged in, you should see all the agreements you have that are “in processing” as well as your currently active agreements (broken down by contract type). In processing are agreements that are being reviewed by telling your brokerage or TREB itself.

And the active agreements are those that have already been concluded. If you see active or ongoing IDX data exchange agreements that indicate RealtyNinja as a third party, please let us know so that we can inform TREB that there is already an agreement or that it is in compliance with the contract. Note: Please do not send a “TREB data license agreement” as it does not work with our system. It can be a bit confusing because you can use the same system for several types of contracts. We need you to submit a “TREB IDX data agreement” to work with our system. 6) Now you can finally complete the agreement and are almost finished! Please note that you must accept all the terms and conditions in order to submit the agreement. Most of your information is automatically filled according to your TREB member. You have the option to update your email address. 5) From here, you want to select “IDX Data Agreement” from the list of available agreements and click on: 7) Celebrate because your work is done here. The agreement has now been sent to the third party (we are!) for confirmation, after which it will go to your registration broker and will eventually be complete. The TREB IDX data agreement must be signed so that you can access the IDX data on your website that is required to enable our mls search function® and import offers.

1) Sign in to your account by clicking here and entering your login data. If you enter the information of the third part/AVP, proceed as follows:- For the third part, choose WEB4REALTY in the drop-down list – Put Kosta in third CONTACT PARTY – Put [email protected] in third PARTY/AVP EMAIL . Finally, turn on the selected box and click Send to third parties.

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