Sssbc Agreement 3 Of 2018

one. The 1/2018 agreement dealt with the special tax for South African police pilots; In all these efforts, we also encourage the awareness and values of unions in the workplace. We want to address the issues raised in the public space on the issues raised in the Security and Security Negotiation Council (SSSB) and explain our position and position in this regard. We would like to assure members that this agreement will in any case benefit them. As I said earlier, this is a progressive approach and, therefore, it goes without saying that members will not benefit at the same time – but within three years. c. Agreement 3/2018 calls for the evaluation of employment and the rating of entry posts. The order assessment and evaluation process has already been completed and the results are being implemented in phases for fiscal years 2018/2019 to 2020/2021. This process has never been carried out in the history of SAPS.

The implementation of this agreement in a phase-to-other approach covers all staff with regard to job classification. PopCRU has signed a series of agreements since the 2nd contract in 2011, when we signed the inclusion of Public Services Act staff in SAPS staff. It is regrettable that Solidarnosc [which has no organisational rights in the SAPS] brought this agreement before the courts when this agreement was to be implemented in favour of the members, as well as the dishonest actions of the SAPU. To deal with this impasse, in the meantime, we have said that a task team should be set up within the SSSBC to ensure that we are including the public services act staff in the SAPS Act. In 2018, saPU members of 10111 led to a strike that ended in dismal failure, leading the members to face charges and face disciplinary proceedings. SAPU is now nowhere to support these members, who are currently about 3 to 6 months worth because of the department; a total value that they must repay themselves. We are working hard to have these members integrated into the SAPS fold. After POPCRU`s march to all departments in 2018, to challenge our members across the country, particularly uniform issues, full implementation of professional dispensing and retrodated overtime and other working conditions issues, POPCRU feels undermined by the Department of Corrections, as we even had to postpone our CEC meeting to deal seriously with the health and safety issues that affect our members. It is not our business or our priority to talk about SAPU, but we are forced to be part of this ground because of their deliberate misinformation and deception. In the past, it has denied or not agreements in which it was part of the negotiations. SAPU has never signed the agreement that talks about decoupling housing benefit with spouses who work in government.

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