Texas Real Estate Buyer`s Representation Agreement

As with any discussion of legal affairs and contracts, we must point out that Kimberly Howell Properties is not a law firm and cannot give legal advice. We are happy to provide you with a list of real estate lawyers in San Antonio if you are seeking legal advice. We have done this in the best way to group the tenant purchase/representation contract here, but this should in no way be considered as a complete explanation of all the details it contains. I add all of the following additions to my buyer representation agreements. 8. INTERMEDIARY Determines (via control boxes) whether the client wants to see the broker`s offers. If the client wants to see the broker`s lists, the agreement addresses the details of the intermediary who deserves their own contribution. 7. PRESENTATIONS This section consists of several statements that both parties (agent and buyer) agree. One. That each party has the legal capacity and power to enter into this agreement. B. .


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