Service Level Agreement Equipment Maintenance

(b) If you have the right to obtain SLA performance in accordance with our guidelines and you register for Performance SLA on order, you are entitled to: (i) all coverage provided under the Standard SLA; (ii) a two-hour application consultation for your shipping and shipping needs. If PBI finds the need for on-site service, PBI will make economically reasonable efforts to have a service technician on site (only during normal working hours) within 4 hours or 8 hours, as stated in the order, after PBI has found that the issue cannot be resolved remotely (the “Response Time Obligation”). The response time obligation is exclusively related to the arrival of a technician on your site. This is not a guaranteed solution to the problem within the response period time commitment and does not guarantee that all the parts necessary for the repair will be on site within this period. The response time requirement does not apply to services designated as replacement, moving, software maintenance, preventive maintenance, operator training or other services that are not strictly necessary for the repair of covered equipment. If the covered device is moved from its original location, PBI may, at its option, remove the response time requirement. In this case, you will receive a standard SLA and we will correctly adjust the SLA fees you will have to pay. If we do not meet the response time requirement, we grant you a credit for three months equal to the difference between the standard SLA and SLA performance costs. To earn this credit, you must use a credit application form that you can obtain from your service technician or by phone at the Customer Care Center. Credits are limited to credits for four failures in the performance of the response time obligation over a twelve-month period during the term of service. These appeals are your sole remedy against PBI`s failure to comply with the response time obligation. (b) We warrant that all services (“Services”) that we provide under the Service Level Agreement in accordance with Sections 17 through 22 (the “SLA”) will be performed in a professional and professional manner. means a malfunction of the services that can be reproduced, that is not an error and whose main cause is found in the hosting service, network, hardware or software components of third parties; To meet fair and reasonable expectations, we offer the following service level agreement, based on our people, areas of expertise and resources.

Facility Management responds to requests based on the following priority level given to each work order request: (d) There is no warranty for PBI devices that need to be repaired or replaced due to an excluded circumstance. . . .

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