Coast Capital Business Account Agreement

The last straw for him was when, in February, he received a “random” fee on his account and struggled to get answers from the after-sales service staff. Patterson began his business account at Coast Capital Savings in 2013. Three weeks ago, he noticed that he was unable to send electronic payments to employees through the credit union`s website. The only way to send e-transfers is via its application, which it deems defective. We are amending our personal and business accounts and service agreements (PASA/BASA) that govern your personal and business accounts and services at Coast Capital Savings. The changes will come into effect as soon as Coast Capital is regulated by the state, which we expect later in 2018. Small entrepreneur Craig Patterson is also frustrated. He said he didn`t remember these issues before the upgrades. Bill payment issues are “very sporadic and intermittent,” and performance issues during electronic transmission are isolated and come from several third parties, Melnichuk said. “If you don`t trust a financial institution that can manage your money, that`s worrying for everyone,” he said. He plans to move to another credit union or bank.

They say that connection issues on the credit union`s website and app have made it more difficult for them to pay their rent or employees, and that they have received few responses from the credit union as to when the issues will be resolved. Coast Capital Savings said it regularly follows improvements to its digital services and anyone who may continue to encounter problems can contact them via email or phone. Some Coast Capital Savings customers say the credit union`s upgrades to its online and mobile services have made banking nearly impossible. “The upgrade was done at the end of last year. They should be far behind them. Three customers told CBC News that after the upgrade that took place late last year and was supposed to increase security, they could not perform basic banking operations such as sending wire transfers and using their debit cards. . . .

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