Agreement Contract Value

because the contract obliges the parties to fulfil the obligations set out in the contract, is not a framework agreement and, therefore, the duration of the contract can be determined by the parties. With the “No Value” option, you can indicate that a contract has no financial value. You can thus distinguish between a contract of zero value and a contract without financial value. Examples: Technical advisory services for a period of 6 years Funding of £300,000 ex-VAT was awarded for the purchase of technical advisory services in support of a project over a six-year period. The number of consultation days is known and a brief and precise description of the details of the request is available. The only aspect of the contract that is not known is that of the actual data during which the consulting days are necessary. The purchase is above the EU threshold (in accordance with aggregation rules and because the value of the order is notoriously GBP 300,000). A consultation/engagement contract covering the requirement period could be put in place for this requirement. Marketing services for a period of 5 years For the purchase of marketing consulting services, funding of £200,000 was ex VAT.

for a period of six years. The precise requirements are not known and therefore consulting services are needed to assist in the development and provision of a marketing plan, etc. The purchase is above the EU threshold (in accordance with the aggregation rules) and, therefore, the purchase process 5 or the purchasing process 6 apply. As the requirements are not known, a framework agreement from a single supplier would be necessary to meet this requirement and, under the EU Public Procurement Directives, it can only be concluded for a period of four years. Another tendering procedure (which results in a framework agreement) should be implemented for the remaining two years if the requirement remains unchanged. Note: When a value is displayed, an icon appears next to the value that indicates the period to which that value applies. Figure 3 below shows examples of symbols. For example, M indicates a monthly value, O indicates a value that is applicable only once, and L indicates that the value displayed is a lifetime value. If you click “Show advanced options”, you may see additional features that allow you to control how the contract is displayed. 4 display options are displayed: If the contract value is disconttée, it can be identified on the financial data set in question, you can enter numeric or percentage values. For example, for a continuous contract worth £100 per month, you can specify exactly that tax….

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