Uwplatt Textbook Agreement

Students must sign the “textbook rental contract” electronically before picking up textbooks. This agreement is on the student`s PASS account under the “Task Tile” on the PASS homepage about three weeks before the start of the semester. Click on the PASS homepage: If a text appears to be in deficit textbook, Center Manager checks the registration documents to see if there are enough copies of the text. If it turns out that the text is Knapp, the manual center removes two manuals and makes the books available at the Karrmann Library. This allows students to use a textbook until other books reach. When collecting your textbooks, bring this: Note: All fines in the manual must be paid before you can print your book list. Once the contract is done, you`ll also find your list of books on your “Student Centre” page under “My Book List” to the left of your course program. Once at the textbook centre, students go to the shelves to collect books. The books are made available to the administrator of the manual centre. Before leaving the manual centre, books must be checked for damage. If there is a problem, the manager should be informed at the cash register so that the book can be stamped and marked accordingly. Starting May 1, students will be enrolled in the PASS CX Campus Experience Dashboard.

You`ll find a KB document on this topic in PASS CX under PASS CX – Textbook Rental Agreement Until the end of summer 2020, the PASS homepage is still available. To access your student homepage, click on the full website in the PASS CX Left Navigation menu below. During the first three weeks of class, students can only check books for their registered classes. This ensures that all students will have the opportunity to retrieve the assigned books. After the first three weeks of class, students can check all other books available.

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