Kseb Low Tension Agreement

7.Certificate to argue for the exemption from payment of the cost of providing the service connection, if any. Documents attached to the service connection request form, the new service link application must be drawn up either online or in the mandatory service connection application form. the same application form can be used to obtain a permanent/temporary service link. 3.Sketch with the details of the connected equipment that are marked in the town planning plan. . Based on the data provided in the application form, applicants for a weather-resistant service connection who do not require a phase supplement, subdivision, support organization, etc., can transfer the deposit and delivery fee to standard rates, with the registration fee. In the case of other consumers, the privacy of transferring the deposit and fees are given by mail after the site inspection. The completed application form, follow-up and registration fees may be provided to the KSEB-approved official at the electricity office or sent by recommended letter to the auxiliary engineer of the electrical service concerned. Green Channel for HT/ EHT ConsumersSimplified Service Connection Application forms are available for Rs 10/- for electrical sections.

(The app format is available for download at the end of this page). 6. Certificate of verification of dosing devices when the consumer provides the same. The following documents are provided at the same time as the request. For more information, please see the 2014 delivery code. 8.Consents/authorizations/authorizations, wherever this applies. New service connection form to the Low Tension (LT) app.

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