Bank Of America Important Information Brochure Card Agreement And Disclosure

3. OUR RIGHTS TO ISSUE AND REVOKE CARDS. You can refuse to give someone a card. We also reserve the right to revoke a card at any time without notice and we can choose if your card is inactive. The card is our property and you agree to give it to us at our request. At our discretion, we may issue a card to the account holder, any co-owner of the account and anyone authorized to receive a card from the account holder or account holder. We reserve the absolute right to revoke card privileges, with or without reason or notification, unless legal obligation to the contrary. If more than one card is issued to access an account, we reserve the absolute right to revoke one or all of the cards used to access the account at the request of the account holder, an account owner or a person entitled to receive a card from the account holder or account holder, regardless of whether the card or cards to be revoked are in the possession of the person requesting the revocation. When we revoke a card, the card can no longer be used to access an account or make an electronic transfer.

If you use one of these deposit services, you agree that: (i) we are not responsible for deposits until we have actually received deposits at one of our branches or other processing facilities, and our records are consistent with our receipt of deposits; (ii) You will comply with all requirements for containers, envelopes, pouches or other equipment that you must use for deposits, as well as accompanying documentation or information; (iii) after receiving the deposit, we will process the down payment in our usual way of processing bank deposits (please note that any deposit paid in a night deposit bag and/or thrown into a night deposit centre is treated as a night deposit and is subject to our night deposit contract); (iv) any stamped deposit slip or other receipts that we make available to you when a deposit is delivered only serves to confirm our receipt of the deposit, reflects the amount indicated on the deposit note you have established and does not constitute validation or verification of the actual amount of the deposit; (v) Unless your account details are otherwise provided, we will temporarily credit the deposit to your account on the day of receipt, in accordance with our cash availability policy (in the case of deposits made through our night deposits, the day we withdraw the deposit is the date of receipt, and that date may differ from the date the deposit is kept in the overnight deposit facility); and vi) all filings are audited and corrections are made at our sole discretion, as provided elsewhere in this agreement. In the event of errors related to new accounts, cash card transactions or transactions initiated abroad, we may take up to 90 days to review your complaint or question. For new accounts, we can take up to 20 business days to credit your account for the amount you deem to be defective.

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