Anne Arundel County Reforestation Agreement

This fund: projects to reboot/wood already protected areas; Permanent protection of already wooded areas; or reforestation/reforestation and permanent protection of currently untapped and unforested land. Priority Areas for Reforestation and Reforestation Projects While all tree planting projects will be considered, priority will be given to reforestation projects within the targeted watersheds and corresponding areas below. For more information on these priority pools or to discuss a project idea, please click on the links below or call Jeffrey Popp, Senior Program Officer at 410-974-2941, ext. 103. The Anne Arundel County government and the Chesapeake Bay Trust announce a partnership to fund forest projects and land protection in Anne Arundel County. The objective of this program is to carry out low-cost reforestation and vegetation projects and to increase the number of hectares of protected forests in the county. Increased tree cover and the extension of green spaces reduce erosion; Improve water and soil quality Air pollutants such as particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide can be filtered; summer temperatures and the resulting ozone pollution and energy consumption can be reduced. Protecting forested areas ensures valuable ecological services such as habitat, water quality and flood protection for the future. Acres, which must be reforested/reforested in each county-designed watershed below.

The following individuals who have entered into the forestry contract with Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and who have applied for a guarantee, must make a guarantee loan: to avoid delays, make sure that your requirements are complete before submitting them. ISSUANCE – Once the underwriter has completed the necessary thorough examination, we will immediately send you the guarantee loan and send it to you! UNDERWRITING – Once we have received your application, an underwriter will ask you to submit the following important requirements: Home “Maryland Surety Bonds” Anne Arundel County Forestation Bond . SEND US A BOND APPLICATION – We start the bonding process with an application. You can submit your application for this loan HERE! How much can be allocated: Up to $250,000 is currently available for this program cycle. No refunds can be made for projects that have already been completed. If the client does not comply with his legal obligations, the Obligation (Anne Arundel County, Maryland) has the right to recover the amount lost by filing a loan application. The purpose of the guarantee is to ensure that the client (owner of a property) meets his contractual obligations and complies with the provisions of the forestry contract as well as the relevant provisions of the Anne Arundel County Ordinance Code. These include: who can apply: land trusts, rural conservatives, faith-based organizations, community associations; Service and citizen groups, public institutions, public and independent higher education institutions and other 501 (c)3 private non-profit organizations (z.B. as a priority in the field of conservation).

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