Agreement Between Company And Service Provider

An accurate description of the services gives the client a clear idea of what awaits them and lets the service provider know what they expect from them. 6. Confidentiality . The contractor acknowledges that, during the engagement, it has access to various trade secrets, inventions, innovations, processes, information, registrations and specifications owned or licensed by the company in connection with the operation of its activities, including, but not only, the business and product processes, methods, customer lists, accounts and procedures of the company. The contractor accepts that none of these contracts are disclosed or used in any way, directly or indirectly, either for the duration of this agreement, or at any time after, unless necessary in the context of this cooperation with the company. All files, records, documents, designs, specifications, information, letters, notes, media lists, original/creator graphics, notebooks and other related items relating to the business, whether created by the contractor or transferred in their possession, remain the exclusive property of the company. The licensee will not keep copies of the above without the company`s prior written permission. When the agreement expires or terminates or at the request of the entity, the contractor immediately makes available to the Company all files, records, documents, specifications, information and other objects in its possession or control. In addition, the contractor agrees not to disclose his withholding agreement as an independent contractor or the terms of this contract to third parties without the company`s prior written consent and to preserve at all times the confidentiality of its relationship with the company and the services provided by the company. Contractors have two basic agreements with their customers, and the service contract is one. The second is the master service contract. The framework contract outlines the terms and conditions under which the contractor will work with clients.

On the other hand, the service contract is included in the main service contract in most cases. It is important because it adds an element of specificity with respect to the services rendered and defines the metrics that are put in place for measuring performance. To avoid performing in unsentied situations where your services are interrupted and you don`t seem to find a quick or reasonable deferral, you need to understand what`s important in a service contract and why you need it. DUTIES: The contractor [describes here the work or services to be provided]. [Name] will report directly to [name] and any other party designated by [name] as part of the performance of the obligations under this agreement and will fulfill all other obligations that have been reasonably requested by the company and agreed upon by the contractor. The contractor and the client acknowledge that confidential information may be disclosed between the parties during the course of a project. This information, with the exception of delivery items and other information that can reasonably be expected to be made available to the other party in accordance with the information envisaged, is considered confidential information (“confidential information”).

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